I’m actually way too embarrassed to visit my own blog to see how long it’s been since I last posted. I’m pretty sure its been long as balls and the truth is I don’t even know why. I basically just took a vacation from running, taking pictures of anything, and pretty much the internet as a whole. I wanted to blog but I just couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Then all of a sudden while running a whopping mile and a half (a PDR for the past 3 months, btw) the urge just struck. I missed blogging and couldn’t wait to get back home to write a post. So here I am, I still don’t have a whole long to say but I’m feeling really awesome about being back.

I figure rather than go through the whole “I’m so sorry I feel off the face of the Earth and here’s a montage of everything thats gone on in my life since my last post,” I think I’ll just jump right back in. I’ll probably only be able to post a few times a week and I’m not really shooting for any particular schedule, just want to get back into the swing of things.

Most of all I’m just really looking forward catching up with all my favorite blogs. I’ve honestly missed you guys 🙂