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So I finally hit rock bottom. I didn’t get in a single work out last week. 

As much as I want to be disappointed, I’m oddly relieved. It felt nice to take a break from the pressure and expectation. I feel rested, re-set, and ready to start something new! I think last week was kind of the final straw of unrealistic expectation. Right now my class schedule is the exact opposite of what works for me. I know myself and I need I need time to adjust and get into a groove before I can throw in extra expectations. 

My new plan is to focus on getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. I’m planning on getting in at least one 4 mile run in preparation for a 10k at the end of the month, but other than that I’m just aiming for 30 minutes, whenever, wherever!

I started off today with a 30 minute circuit jog at the park. I ran to the park and then completed 10 reps of push-ups, squats, tricep-dips, and v-sits at each bench I came across. It was tough, but it felt so good to be out in the sunshine getting work done!

Here’s to a killer week of fitness everyone!