Living Brightly

Back in 2009 I decided to completely change my outlook about myself. It started with simply wanting to lose weight and get in shape, but I knew my first goal was to change my attitude. I started replacing thoughts like “Holy Crap! how did I get so fat!” with thoughts like “Hey, look on the bright side, at least you have the ability to exercise” or “Look on the bright side, you made the choice to have veggies instead of fries, that is a step in the right direction!”

To really help push me to stick with my weight loss and fitness goals I signed up for an account at Sparkpeople.com. Sparkpeople not only provided me with a place to track my calories and fitness minutes, but also with an awesome community to share me struggles and success with.  As this whole process progressed I became increasingly aware of how huge an impact the attitude change was making on my life and my goals. Not just in weight loss or in fitness, but in my relationships and overall self-worth. To make a long story short, looking on the bright side helped me make a complete turn around and I’ve been happier and healthier ever since.

Unfortunately I felt like counting calories, tallying fitness minutes, and losing weight was kind of taking over my life. I was obsessing and my outlook was not bright or really even positive at all. This is where Living Brightly comes in. I want to be positive and smart about the choices I make. I don’t want to obsess over the scale or over calories. I want to be healthy and have a healthy attitude about it. I’m here to figure out what balance and a healthy lifestyle are for me and to get back to living my life on the Bright Side!

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3 thoughts on “About.”

  1. finnyfinds said:

    Thanks for your comment! I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  2. Hey! I just came across your blog…and I wanted to say hi because I’m in San Diego too! I can totally relate to your running and health journey…it’s really similar to where I’m at with both those things. I just finished my first half marathon and I have a whole new appreciation for marathon runners! Your blog is great…you are so a writer 🙂

  3. I definitely relate to the last paragraph of your about me section. I used to obsess over calories, points, etc and now I’m trying to figure out the balancing act of being healthy without using those things as a crutch. I look forward to reading your blog!

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