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Last week I set myself a goal to workout for 30 minutes, at least 5 times throughout the week. I didn’t make my goal, however I did make some serious progress considering the amount of fitness I accomplished in the previous week (zero). 

  • Monday: 30 minute circuit run (complete 10 pushups, squats, and dips at every park bench)
  • Thursday: 30 minute run
  • Sunday: 30 minute run & stairs circuit (pushups, squats, and planks after every set of stairs)

Throughout the week I really tried to find a balance between pushing myself to reach my goal and not beating myself up for not making it. I’m not trying to completely overhaul or change myself in one week. I want to make long lasting changes and avoid burning out before seeing a real change. Making progress is what is important and not every week can be perfect. 

I’m proud of what I accomplished this week. I went in a little to hard and ended up super sore after monday (like help I can’t get my bra on sore!). After a few days off it I was really hard to build back up momentum. So my goal for this week is to build some momentum. Instead of setting a goal for number of days or hours, I’m going going to aim to beat this past week and work out more days, hopefully closer together. 

My secondary goal is to start cleaning up my diet over the next couple of weeks and months. I’d rather be at my best around the holidays so I’m less likely to go in with a “whatever, I’m already eating whatever I want anyway” kind of attitude. I’m going to aim to plan out clean dinners with my fitness round-ups each week so that I’m going in with a plan. 

Dinner ideas:

  • Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and marinara
  • Salmon, sweet potato, and roasted broccoli
  • Crock-pot chicken and herb roasted veggies
  • Loaded sweet potato 


  • mostly leftovers
  • turkey burgers (sans bun) with veggies and sweet potatos


  • carrots and hummus
  • green juice
  • bananas/apples with sun butter


  • protein smoothies
  • egg scrambles

Here’s to another awesome week!